Thursday, October 25, 2001

Okay, so it's really late, and I should totally be asleep, but I wanted to write something so that all you cubicle dwellers out there (to borrow a phrase from Jason) have something to greet you in the morning. :)

My last few days have been really, really busy. Incidentally, going to atomic power plants when they are in an intense security lockdown and taking pictures of Scary Men with Big Guns after they tell you not to and then rushing around like an idiot, driving too fast (which is bad because if I get another ticket I have to go to Traffic School) to get to a field hockey game, of all things, is not generally not most people's idea of a "typical" work day. A very seasoned photographer was coaching me last week about what to do if security types (Scary Men with Big Guns count) try to take your film, camera, digital card, etc. His strategy mostly involves hiding rolls of film and digital cards in one's socks while handing over blank rolls. Little did I know how useful that advice was going to be...

It was fine. I have to say, that as I was getting back into my car after photographing SMWBGs that I felt very, very glad to live in America. I feel certain that if I tried to pull a stunt like that in say, China, that I would be dead. Dead, dead, dead. We are very lucky to have a free press in this country.

"A free press is essential to the survival of democracy." -S.I. Newhouse

On that note, good night. :)

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