Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Okay, I have to gush for a minute about why I love Stephen. So I had this terrible fight with my mom, and I am still not speaking with my father after a fight we had last night, and I was driving around with an empty gas tank, contemplating sleeping in my car with my fugitive dog, miserable, unhappy, feeling utterly alone (except for aforementioned fugitive dog and lovely supportive friends on cell phone), looking for numbers to apartments in York-- the first capitol of Pennsyltucky!-- off of signs in flowershop windows. (Stephen gushing part coming soon...) I finally go home, (in part because I really had to pee,) determined to move out tomorrow, and I call Stephen to tell him I went home after all, which is what he and everyone else were encouraging me to do in the gentle, mild voices that people use to talk to people who are standing on ledges, both literal and figurative.


And... he makes me laugh. Out loud. Hard. Side-splitting laughter. I can't even tell you what we were laughing about. The way his cat purrs, I think. (Stephen's cat's name is Mr. Pimm). And after I caught my breathe, I said, "Thank you. This has been an awful night. I can't believe you're making me laugh." and he said, "Hey, that's my job." and I said, "You're good at it!" and he said, "that's why it's my job, because I'm good at it," and I said, "Yeah, well, too bad the job doesn't come with a benefits package and other long-term investment opportunities," and he said, "Actually, it does." Wow. That just blew me away. I can not believe I have this amazing person who views my happiness as a long-term benefit/investment. I feel so blessed (not in the omnipresent "God Bless America" way)

But I am still going apartment-hunting in the morning.

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