Friday, September 12, 2008

Honeymoon: The Final Installment (probably)

We left Cairns, flew to Sydney, went to the Opera House one more time where I thought a lot of Deep Thoughts about when I was there in 1994 and how the experience helped me become the person/photographer that I am today, thoughts I might share here or possibly in other places (oooh, cryptic!) very soon.

In short, I sat on the steps of the Opera House, waiting for Joel to finish shooting, feeling like I had experienced a homecoming of sorts, saying my goodbyes to the city that shaped me, it was swell. Then Joel took a really long time, the extreme cold from the steps seeped into my pants, which was not swell, I got grouchy, Joel tried to cheer me up with Wagamama, they were closed, I was even grumpier after that and insisted we take a cab back to the hotel, dammit. We flew home, it took a long time, no major drama, The End. Then I wrote a lot of thank you notes. You're all caught up!

Here's all 10 entries (minus me getting punched in the face by a camel) in a three-minute video form. Enjoy!

(Guess what? I'm a leetle bit drunk right now! Bye!)


gwen1234 said...

SO CUTE. Will you teach me how to do that dance?

michelle said...

i thought you'd enjoy this:

Judy said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

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