Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Fire in the Hole....

While I was little, my dad would play a game with Amanda and I called "Fire in the Hole." It mostly consisted of my dad taking turns holding us close, down by his hip, then shouting "Fire in the Hole!" and tossing us in the air. One of my favorite childhood photos of my dad and me is a picture of us in our old house on State Street playing this game. I was probably 3, and I'm holding Lovey (security blacket extraordinaire- then still extremely recognizable as a bed sheet) and my hair, which was pretty long for a toddler, is all splayed out in every direction and we're really laughing.

Today somebody called in a bomb threat to City Hall and left a PVC pipe with styrofoam sticking out of it on the sidewalk outside. They brought in the whole critical response team and this guy put on body armor and walked this big bomb detecter detonator thingy down to it and hooked it up and then came back to the bomb unit truck. They send some kind of charge down a long wire which somehow determines if its a real bomb and makes it safe to remove, I guess.... and there was this really tense moment before they sent the charge down the wire and they shouted, "Fire in the Hole!" and everything else was really, really quiet until the boom of the disabling charge went off.

It turned out the "bomb" was a fake, a false alarm, and they took down the police tape, and I went on to shoot a story about a hot dog stand guy, but then I heard about Yale, and it reminded me of the anthrax day, the day lots of places, including Planned Parenthood in York, all got anthrax letters.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My boyfriend is a fairy! MY boyfriend is a FAIRY!!! :) And a Rude Mechanical, as it turns out! Whee!

Stephen has been cast in the Publick Theater's summer production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in Boston, where he will be playing as Robin Starvling, the tailor (no, I *don't* know if it's by the sea- QUIET! All of you! :), who portrays Moonshine in the play within the play, and he has also been double-cast as one of Queen Titania's entourage (hence, the being a fairy thing). However, he said the director mentioned that they are going for a Mountain Man type effect with the male fairies, so he's more likely to be wearing animal skins and holding a club than fairy wings and holding a wand.

I am. so. excited! Who wants to go to Boston to see it? It's an outdoor theatre near Harvard Square, I think, so it's a Shakespeare-in-the-Park type set up, with equity points and everything! RAH! So proud of Stephen!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Ow. OW.

On Saturday, I got hit in the chest with a baseball. It really hurt, and a bunch of people saw it happen, and some spectators sort of screamed, 'cause it was really, really out of nowhere (during warm-up catch between innings), and I was all, "Oh, part of the job, ha ha ha. Camera's fine" And then- one of the player's mothers said, "Bless your heart."

Now, most of you remember when I fell off the dinosaur at South of the Border last May, of course. And then my eye swelled shut and turned all purple and strangers kept blessing my heart, right?

Yeah. Now, this bruise isn't visible to the world, so no one else is blessing my heart, but now it has turned a very, very frightening deep, deep purple, almost the exact size of a baseball, although it doesn't hurt too much. I almost feel like a made-for-TV-movie actress, except you can see the baseball stitching. Damn. Maybe I should get some ice....

'"Poor little Piglet," said Pooh." -- A.A. Milne

Monday, May 05, 2003

Congratulations to Alissa, for finishing her masters' degree. I can only hope that any one of my 6 therapists have worked as hard as she has and have had as many people believing in them as much as she does in her. :)