Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My boyfriend is a fairy! MY boyfriend is a FAIRY!!! :) And a Rude Mechanical, as it turns out! Whee!

Stephen has been cast in the Publick Theater's summer production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in Boston, where he will be playing as Robin Starvling, the tailor (no, I *don't* know if it's by the sea- QUIET! All of you! :), who portrays Moonshine in the play within the play, and he has also been double-cast as one of Queen Titania's entourage (hence, the being a fairy thing). However, he said the director mentioned that they are going for a Mountain Man type effect with the male fairies, so he's more likely to be wearing animal skins and holding a club than fairy wings and holding a wand.

I am. so. excited! Who wants to go to Boston to see it? It's an outdoor theatre near Harvard Square, I think, so it's a Shakespeare-in-the-Park type set up, with equity points and everything! RAH! So proud of Stephen!!!!

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