Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I've Been Incredulous Toward Joel About in the Past 20 Minutes While Watching Shit on YouTube

1.) The Hobbit Trailer

Joel: Wow, Tolkien really knew where that story was going.
Me: Um, yeah?
Joel: I mean, I saw a lot of things that I know from "Lord of the Rings."
ME: That's the nature of a prequel?

2.) Purim costumes

Joel: Wait, that guy's name tag said, "Mordechai!"
Me: Yeah, he's kind of a main character in the story?
Joel: Why are those guys dressed up as astronauts?
Me: You can be whatever you want. That guy's dressed as Harry Potter.
Joel: I forgot.
Me: You are a terrible Jew.

3.) The location of Yeshiva University

Joel: I know where this was shot! These are the Palisades, on the Jersey side of the bridge. This part is in Manhattan!
Me: Yeshiva University is in New York, dude. ::googles:: Yeah, they're on 185th Street.

4.) The prevalence of acapella groups in general on college campuses
Joel: (watching more Maccabeats videos) They're really good.
Me: They are.
Joel: Is this just at this college?
Me: Um, no. Acapella groups are, like, a thing. All-guy groups are total chick magnets.


Joel: Are acapella groups at every college?
Me: Um, yeah.
Joel: Like marching bands?
Me: ....

Joel is forbidding me to post this unless I make very clear that he knows who Mordechai is, (except he thought he was Esther's brother.) My in-laws total need to get their Hebrew School tuition money back. Now he's taken my iPad away. :( *Frowny face*

Happy Second Night of Hanukkah, everybody. We're not really celebrating until tomorrow, when my mother-in-law, Role Model Shiksa V1.0 is making latkes from scratch. Yum!

Friday, December 09, 2011

I want to go home.

I have this... quirk. Shocking, I know, even more shocking than my randomly updating this blog that I've let languish for a full six months. :)

Sometimes, when I'm very tired, or sad, or want desperately to stop working, I will say, out loud, "I want to go home." I may in fact be home when I say it. Since I work from home, it's quite likely. I might even say it while sitting on my own couch. It means I want things to be simpler. I want to relax. I want a feeling of safety, of familiarity, of security. I want to go to Lancaster; I want to stay here all at the same time.

I am sad because this happened two years ago today. I don't even know what I want to say about it, just... I want to go home.