Thursday, December 10, 2009


We said goodbye to Brad last night. Everything was on his terms, and in his time. There was no pain and no struggle. He took care of us as much as we took care of him, and it was my privilege to be encircled in the love that was in the room last night.

There is so much to say about my brother from another mother, but his story is not mine to tell. I am going to be on hiatus here for a while. I am still checking email, voicemail, carrying two cell phones and balancing everything as best I can. Yesterday was one of the most important, awful, beautiful days of my life, but I had an excellent teacher in the arts of strength and perseverance. The time has come for me to focus on those lessons and push on.

Peace to you and yours in this season of comfort and joy... See you later.


cindy w said...

I'm so sorry, Angie.

hefk said...

prayers, prayers, prayers.

michelle said...

I'm certain that if you look hard enough you will see your brother nearly everywhere this holiday season. I don't pray, but you will be in my thoughts. I wish you a truly magical time of year that will help you heal.