Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Ow. OW.

On Saturday, I got hit in the chest with a baseball. It really hurt, and a bunch of people saw it happen, and some spectators sort of screamed, 'cause it was really, really out of nowhere (during warm-up catch between innings), and I was all, "Oh, part of the job, ha ha ha. Camera's fine" And then- one of the player's mothers said, "Bless your heart."

Now, most of you remember when I fell off the dinosaur at South of the Border last May, of course. And then my eye swelled shut and turned all purple and strangers kept blessing my heart, right?

Yeah. Now, this bruise isn't visible to the world, so no one else is blessing my heart, but now it has turned a very, very frightening deep, deep purple, almost the exact size of a baseball, although it doesn't hurt too much. I almost feel like a made-for-TV-movie actress, except you can see the baseball stitching. Damn. Maybe I should get some ice....

'"Poor little Piglet," said Pooh." -- A.A. Milne