Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Fever

There is just something about fall that makes me want to cook. It's too hot up here in the third floor walkup to cook much in the summer. The kitchen is one room where we don't have an AC unit, partly because of ventilation when we DO cook and partly because the kitchen window leads to the fire escape, which is important to keep unblocked so that we don't, you know, DIE should the cooking go horribly awry.

Friday night and Saturday felt like autumn to me, shooting high school football under the lights. It was a little colder than normal. It felt more like late October than September, so today I was all motivated to make chicken corn soup, chicken macaroni casserole and pumpkin pie. It was warmer today, in the mid-70s, but I cooked and made the apartment all hot anyway.

Joel's sick, mostly flu-like symptoms with a fever, and now I can't tell if I'm feverish or just hot. I'm not running a temperature yet, and look at that! The AC is making it much more comfortable up here. Go figure.

Aside from the cooking/baking kick, I'm having trouble getting motivated to do much else. I'm sort of justifying my decision to not run errands, clean or return one of our many charming chopping/mixing/hand-blending wedding gifts to Macy's by telling myself I need to stick close to home in case Joel needs me, and burning archive DVDs of our honeymoon photos is something I needed to do anyway. In other news, I finally saw the end of "Napoleon Dynamite." Hmmm... accomplishments.

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Judy said...

Hope Joel is feeling better! And that you don't get sick yourself! Your menu sounds delicious!