Thursday, October 18, 2001

Okay, it's almost ten o'clock and I have been at work for thirteen hours, mostly because work is better than home. Actually, home has been better, I can't find an apratment that will give me a month-by-month lease and so I am staying put. For now. Sigh... It's okay.

So today I photographed a cross country meet. I had never been to a cross-country meet before. Scott, it made me think of you. There was so much positive engery in the air. I wish I had known you better in high school so that I could have come to cheer you on. I wished as I stood in front of the screaming parents, coaches, teammates and friends that I had someone to root for, I mean , really root for. As it was, I documented the joy and strength on the winners' faces. I also shot the joyful tears of runners who beat their best times, even though I knew there wasn't going to be space in the sports section for all those images. Also, I was very, very lucky because I got the privilerge of photographing the Eastern York high school girls' team as they stood in a circle around a tree and said a prayer after the race. I saw them do it before the race, and I shot it from very far away with a long lens. Afterward, I told them how cool I thought it was, and they said they do it after the races, too. They permitted me to sit in the middle of their circle and photograph them holding hands and praying. It will run in the paper tomorrow, and I hope they treasure their special tradition caught on film- er, digital card. It was their last race of the season; for some, the last race of their high school careers. I feel so lucky and awed that people open their lives to me. I love my job.

By the way, the prayer was totally voluntary, and quiet, and not at all school-sponsored or on any school property, so it wasn't breaking any constitional laws or proselytizing anyone in any way. Gotta love that free speech thing, especially when it's not being abused.

And... My friend Dave from school was there! He just started working at the York Dispatch, our competition, like on Monday. I couldn't believe it. He said, "Angie, hi!" and I just stared at him. He thought I didn't know who he was, but I totally did. I just couldn't figure out why he was at a cross-country meet in York. He's a good friend, but not necessarily someone I have kept in touch with or spent much time with outside of Remembrance Scholar activities or the occasional shared bagel in (the cafe in the communications school- how cute! There's no actual website though. There should be. And a webcam, too. Hey Luke...) but I have a friend in York!

Actually, I have three friends in York now. Dave, Best Work Friend Joanne and New Work Friend Sam. Sam, Joanne and I are going to have a Drunken Soapmaking Party, as I have made them soap, which they love. Hooray for girlfriends! (Sam is a girl.)

By the way, Alissa, I bought some suspension glycerin and soap herbs and special "massage" soap molds. That is a very fun combination!!!

Tomorrow I am going to Beaux Visages (Bee-Axe Vizz-uh-jess, just for you, Kelly) for a massage. Bahlobbadoo Timm-uh.

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