Sunday, September 02, 2001

Wt: 121 lbs Cigarettes: 6 Alcohol Units: 12 (v. bad) Lottery Tickets: 2

Am going to Oxford Circus in search of shoes in manner of shopping goddess. Wish to pop by Cafe with Shazzer and Jude in honor of fabulous new plan to fnd inner poise.

OH WAIT... I'm not Bridget Jones. I am in a very Bridget-y place, having just watched the movie with Amanda and Kelly in the fun hotel in Chicago. Chick-a-go, as Kel would say. We had a very good time! Kelly, (whom I am now calling Wart, you should call her that too. She really, really likes it) took me downtown to the field museum where we saw a stupendous exhibit about Julie Taymor, the puppeteer who designed all the puppets in the Lion King, etc. It was astounding. Julie's (we're on first name terms now, you see) work is totally influenced by Japanese principles of bunraku techniques, and she is clearly well versed in knowledge of kente cloth and African culture and they had an exhibit of work from a Spanish play for which she did the set design, costumes and puppet work and it really smacked of El Greco, Dali and Picasso. One of the puppets was even shaped like this very distinctive screaming head in Picasso's cubist work, Guernica. Gush, gush, gush. I can't believe she holds all of that knowledge of mechanics and culture and design and artistry in her head. Wow.

I kept thinking about Gwen's puppetry teacher in her last semester of college who was really jealous of Julie Taymor. Gwen once demonstrated how to make a puppet look like it was walking instead of flying. She said that her puppetry teacher has a beef with Sesame Street because it made our generation think that puppets just whiz around or something like that.

So I am home.

Dan Brown called me back, which is nice. I ran into his mom at a retirement party that we had for my dad. She said he is living at home and is also bored. I have decided that he is my new friend.

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