Friday, September 21, 2001

Alright, I am sorry, but I feel obliged to talk just a teeny little bit about all the whackos that are coming out of the woodwork in the last ten days. In some ways, I include myself in the list of people who have gone temporarily insane because 1.) I found myself being oddly moved by the song "Proud to be and American" 2.) I am sort of excited to watch the telethon tonight and 3.) I was not completely repulsed and/or wickedly amused at the stupidity of our president during his address last night. He didn't even falter in his word choice or anything. Huh. Go figure.

That aside, I want to share with you some of the more stupid things that have been said about the subject of Afghanistan. I happen to listen to A LOT of Republican talk radio, because I believe it's good to know one’s enemies. Therefore I listen to Rush Limbaugh almost every day. I had a women's studies professor tell me quite seriously that that would rot my brain. Rush, while he has been using the airwaves for years to propagate a sexist, racist and classist agenda, is actually rather intelligent, as far as oppressors go. It's the OTHER Republican talk show hosts, like Bob Durgan, who kill me. He had a caller who said that he's worried about his sons, ages 14 and 16, if they get drafted because Clinton let the "sodomites" into the army and he doesn't "want his boys to have to watch their backs in the foxholes because of the sodomites." My other favorite whacko is the "anti-Christ" who emailed Gwen at her job at the newspaper in Gaithersburg. Here is my favorite excerpt: THERE WILL BE MANY HUMAN LIVES LOST THROUGH THE MULTIPLE NATURAL DISASTERS, WAR AND DESTRUCTION OF CIVILIZATION WHICH IS TO FOLLOW THIS NOTICE. HAVE YOU EVEN CARED TO ANALYZE THE WEATHER PATTERN SINCE THE FIRST LETTER. THE FORCES OF NATURE WILL NOW BE UNLEASHED!!! THE ORDER OF NATURE WILL NOW BE RESTORED!!! NATURE WILL NOW TAKE CONTROL!!!

I love that the Antichrist sends his regards. Perhaps the best suggestion that I have heard comes from my friend Lydia's husband Paul via my friend Luke. Apparently, they decided that the best course of action would be to send armies of killer robotic Olsen twins against Afghanistan. Sigh.... Speaking of Luke, he has moved to Connecticut, and he is living with this guy Chris from S.U. who used to be Otto the Orangeman mascot at football games. I love that. Luke is living with Otto. That's just a funny mental image.

Anyway, I will go about my day in which I have run a bunch of errands that I have been meaning to take care of for days. It's actually quite satisfying. I bought a new air freshener for my car, picked up Bella's special dog food from the vet, got a prescription refilled, mailed some letters, hugged Alissa's mom and bought recipe cards.

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