Wednesday, September 05, 2001

I am so embarrassed! I was just walking across the newsroom, coming back from the bathroom, minding my own business, about to go do a story on the Agricultural Museum’s new mural (Woo hoo!) when out of the corner of my eye, I see a gigantic (honestly 11-ft tall) monster at the receptionist’s desk. Naturally, I scream (in front of the entire newsroom, including the president of the company) and everyone thinks this is the funniest thing EVER. Great.

It turns out they were from Field of Screams, dropping off a press kit.

So then My Boss Ted says, “We need local art. Why don’t you follow them and get pictures of people reacting to them?” Great. The next thing I know I am running down North George Street trying to catch them before they reach the Dispatch, our competition. People think they are very funny, etc, and I got the requisite picture of the scared little girl and the laughing adult woman. Fine, fine, fine.

Then a funeral passes by. Luckily, the actors were very respectful and didn’t say anything. They felt really bad about it, actually. Then a guy in a car with a Jesus fish ornament and a couple of other religious bumper stickers slowed down and yelled, “Down with Satan!”

Well, I’m off to the Agricultural Museum. I love York County.

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