Tuesday, September 04, 2001

So here I am back at the York Daily Record for my first day of another internship. It's fine. I was here all summer, so it's really not much of a change. Nonetheless, I had to meet with the woman who runs the newsroom to get a company cell phone, garage opener, parking pass, etc. In the middle of going through W-2 forms, etc., the feeling suddenly hits me, "I am going to throw up!" So in my head, I am like, "Nah, I'm not going to throw up. Why would I throw up? Am I really going to?" and all of a sudden my body was like "You are, too, going to throw up!!" So I have to internrupt this very important lady to run to the bathroom. I barely made it in time. Huh. I wonder why that happened. I wish for each of you no random acts of illness.

My friend Adam from college throws up all the time. Sometimes, if he breathes a gust of air in a funny way, he vomits. There is a very funny story about him vomiting in a building on the S.U. campus, and he didn't know where the bathroom was. He had vomit all over his hands, and he ran into another building, but the bathroom was locked. When he finally found one, in a third building, he went in and a professor saw him. The professor was like, "Adam! How are you? It's good to see you!" before he saw the vomit. Then, the professor broke off midsentence, gagged and fled the bathroom. Adam also barfed in someone's coat during a congo line at a Homecoming dance in high school, and he once threw up a gallon of gatorade and big mac in a McDonald's parking lot in Battle Mountain, Nebraska.

Blah, blah. So I have some time to kill before I shoot field hockey at 4:30. I think I will not spend it talking about vomit. Sorry for that tangent. That last paragraph is a little gross.

Today is Kelly's first day at her new job. Let's all send her good health educator vibes.

As for Shauna's idea for a laugh blog, I totally agree. I am, after all, the Queen of Wetting Oneself with laughter. I have been reading "Dave Barry Talks Back" by Dave Barry. It has been causing me to laugh hysterically, the kind of laughter you usually only get with old friends while doing things like playing Bloody Stump. I actually cried with laughter at one of his columns about dressing radioactive crabs in chipmunk suits. I can not nearly do it justice.

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