Sunday, September 23, 2001

Following Shauna's suggestion that we all try to laugh more, I have to share this quote from Scott's weblog, even though a lot of you have probably read this on his site and enjoyed it for yourself firsthand. Oh, the men I have loved.... :)

"[M]y dad... seems to think I'm going to be drafted and sent to Afganistan. Because we all know that when America is in trouble the first troops they send into any hot zone are their crack platoon of scrawny, pale, eyeglass-wearing, Star Wars loving, software engineers. I suppose as long as our enemy agrees to resolve the conflict through some sort of Shoot 'Em Up type video game we'd kick their butts."

Hahahahahahaha. That kills me. I have been thinking about this since NPR commentator Juan Williams first used the phrase "reinstate the draft" last week. I have been so happy that Stephen has flat feet, and is therefore undraftable since he couldn't wear the standard issue shoes. Which by the way, is the same reason my dad wasn't drafted into Vietnam. Paging Dr. Freud!

Of course, there is a scared little part of me that knows that if this war should go on a long time and a lot of people die that the government will end up drafting even the guys with flat feet, but let's not think about that now, shall we not? For now, Steve is standing outside a magic shop in Boston demonstrating monkey puppets. We were talking yesterday about how hot it was for the first day of autumn. I said I was very warm wearing shorts and a tank top, and he said he sweltered yesterday "wearing black pants, a t-shirt and a vest with his hand up a monkey's butt." Apparently, an intoxicated Canadian to whom Stephen sold a hundred dollars worth of magic tricks bought the "monkey" a lemonade because it was so hot. Steve drank it, considering that the monkey is, after all, a puppet.

Well, I'm off to work. My first assignment is to photograph children who are painting a giant American flag on their front yard.

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