Friday, September 07, 2001

ok. York Fair. hating it. new attraction=feature story. new attraction is called "Baboon Lagoon." I'm thinking "Monkeys and children!" I'm thinking, "Fun, psuedo zoo-type exhibit!" I'm thinking "educational" in a "zoos are oppressive and sad" type way. No. Instead? Tutus, unicycles, motorcycles, sequins, fishnet tights and spandex. And that's what the BABOONS were wearing.

My Women's Studies Amazing Activist Friend Emily would have gone, pardon the pun, ape-shit. She would have liberated the baboons and cleaved the stupid monkey trainer in half with his own scary "training stick"/cattle prod. I wanted to cry. It was completely humiliating for these animals. I was embarrassed for them. Look on the YDR website tomorrow for the pictures. Ew. I guess the "You can't do eco-tourism, so we're bringing it to YOU!", la dee la scenario I had imagined was too progressive for York, but still.... I wasn't expecting the baboons to be wearing hot pants. Sigh....

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