Saturday, February 02, 2002

Hmmm.... Okay, some bad news. Nanny is back in the hospital. Boo. She had a weird reaction to one of her medications, so they are keeping her in tthe hospital for observation for a few days. On one hand, it doesn't sound too serious, but these problems could be indicative of larger problems, so.... Sigh. I am trying not to worry too much. She is still very, very worried that "her hair looks like hell," which I am taking as a good sign. I am going into the hospital in a little while with some hot rollers to try and do her hair. I am quite sure that it isn't going to look right, because she was a hairdresser for 60 years and she knows how she likes it, but I will do my best.

In other bad news, Susan B. Anthony (my goldfish) was sucked into "the Patriarchy" yesterday. ("The Patriarchy" is the filter; I have begun calling it the patriarchy upon Jo's very funny suggestion.) Unlike Andrea Dworkin, she was not sucked the whole way in. Her little lifeless fish carcass was just plugging up the hole. It was terrifying. Also, with my dad living at Nanny's and/or being at the hospital, I am "in charge" of the house. Mostly meaning that I clean it once a week in exchange for not paying rent, but it sometimes means that I am also in charge of dealing with things that would otherwise be Dad's Job- like dead goldfish. Ew.

I finished my first knitting project. I finished my rainbow scarf. I am very proud of it, thank you very much. Like all things I love, I will probably misplace it in a matter of weeks, but I will try and enjoy it until that happens. Next, I am going to attempt to knit a blanket for Project Linus.

What else did I want to tell you? Oh yes. It's soooo nice to know where I am going to be jobwise in a couple of months. (Still waiting to hear about location, however) I have this online routine. Check email, check friends' websites, check National Press Photographers Assoc job board, check, write in my blog, check hotmail, sign off. Now it's just friends' sites and email and voila! Done! I no longer check the NPPA job board and get depressed about the fact that there are no new listings and/or the only listings are in Fargo, ND. And then I would become all conflicted about whether or not I WANTED to apply for a job in Fargo and I would have this whole debate with myself about whether or not I was too desperate for a job to have standards and/or be choosy, etc. Well, no more! Take that, Fargo!

Last night I had a dream that I was friends with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. We were running around their huge apartment in New York. Brad Pitt started to cry because this guy I sort of knew in college whom everyone called John O. was stalking him and following him around. Then, I told Jennifer Aniston that if she wanted to give me an extra one of her millions of dollars I would not be opposed to that. Hmmm....

Well, must get dressed and go to hospital and have productive day. :)

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