Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Well, I am all alone out here in our blogger community- well it's me and Alissa :)- as no one else has seen fit to write anything since like the 5th of February. Not that my life is terribly interesting. I took a wonderful three-hour nap today. I will miss the ability to set my own Nap Schedule when I am no longer self-employed.

I bought new stationery and stamps, so many of you can expect fun letters soon. :) I went grocery-shopping and cooked a very healthy dinner (Jillian, if you are out there- I made couscous and chicken stir-fry and it made me think of you :) I watched the Olympics while talking to Gwen. I love watching TV with her while on the phone. We started doing that way back in like, '92, and mostly we make inane comments about a figure skater's eyes being too close together, for example.

Which reminds me, Gwen, we need to watch the Real World together. This new cast is completely annoying. They are all totally buff, but they had to take a swimming test to be lifeguards (just MTV's excuse to show them half-naked more frequently, I think), and first of all, none of the girls owned a suit that wasn't a bikini and second of all, they were all exhausted after swimming like, one length of the pool. I don't understand that. They are all- ALL- so very, very muscular and in shape. What's up with that? I am sort of embarrassed to admit that I watch it. Living in a town with nothing to do and no friends around and no money leads to a lot of TV watching and long distance phone calling.

Hmmm.... Bedtime for Bonzo

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