Monday, February 11, 2002

Just returned from Fabulous Bonding Weekend with Best College Friend Jo. :) We had a ball.

We went shopping for three hours in Mondo DC Mall for three-inch heels (She needs them for work, actually. She is starting rehearsals for a new show tomorrow, a Greek tragedy in which she is inthe chorus playing a daughter of Ocean- hmmm...- and they all have to be peroxide blondes and wear three-inch heels) and in the third hour, (after going into many stores and being alternately ignored or reprimanded by various store personnel) I threw myself across a padded shoe store bench and vowed I could no longer go on. Happily, this action was followed quickly by the discovery of the Perfect Shoes for Jo. Really, they are "smashing" (in the spirit of the shoes belonging to High School '97 Friend Becky who, upon meeting Dame Judi Dench in London, was told (by Judi) that she was wearing "Smashing Shoes, Darling!"). Spurred on by the joy of the new shoes, Jo and I downed a McDonald's parfait (really, they're yummy!) and a box of fries and shopped some more.

And of course, no trip to Fairfax, VA., would be complete for me without a trip to Blockbuster and Giant for a movie and gummy worms. We made mosaics and watched Drop Dead Gorgeous (hilarious movie- offensive, but totally hilarious) and drank a little wine and basically tried to pack a semester's amount of fun into two days. And we did well! We ended up knitting and watched the best two tapes of Pride and Prejudice (#4 and #5- it was like 19th Century House for us- 19th Century house is England's version of Reality TV: a family elected to live for 6 months or something as if they were in the 19th century; clothing, food, rags for sanitary pads, big front wheel bicycles yadda yadda yadda) and amused each other by alternately making ridiculous faces and rude noises and saying Jane Austen-y things like "Insufferable Presumption!" and "MIS-ter Darcy!" (MMMMMMMmmmmm....) to one another.

We also went to the Newseum in Arlington, which I loved. They have a big sphere composed of triangles, and each leg of the triangle has the name of a newspaper written on it. It was a real kick, actually, pointing out the names of all the papers that have rejected me since I began hunting for photo internships in 1999. :) They also have a very powerful September 11th exhibit and a great Women Photographers exhibit (But they are closing for three years starting in this coming March 3rd, so go! All of You! Go now!) which is why I wanted to go there in the first place.

AND THEN- we discovered the joy of Chipotle. It was this awesome Mexican cafeteria-style food place that had incredible food. (Hey, Succulent Friend of Mine who works next door to this restaurant, have you discovered this place yet? :) Go there for lunch today!) It was soooo good. Are there other Chipotle restaurants in DC? Or elsewhere? Does everyone else already know about this?

And also, I remembered just how wonderful, supportive and purely KIND Jo is. Every now and then, I take her kindness- well, definitely not for granted, but I file it away in the place in your mind where you keep treasured knowledge about Old Friends- and then I spend some uninterrupted time with her, and I am astounded again by her sheer, uncritical, unwavering kindness. (Thanks, bebe!:))

And, especially in light of all the shopping, I came to the very sort of sad ("sell your dreams for stock and cut your hair" moment- thank you, Dar) that I am no longer a Marxist. One can simply not be a Marxist and be excited about getting new curtains at the J.C. Penney Home Sale. I am growing up, I think.

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