Wednesday, February 20, 2002

So, what fun and exciting things can I tell all of you out there in Cyberland today?

First of all, I am getting tired of the Olympics, I gotta say. I miss my TV lineup. No Friends, no Scrubs (excellent, hilarious, pee your pants laughing kind of show, by the way, if you have not yet discovered the fun), no West Wing, no Will and Grace, no ER. How sad is my life here in Beautiful Lancaster County that I get sad when my favorite TV shows aren't on? It's moments like these that Grad School (for what, though? Women's Studies? Spanish Ed? Photo/Web Design/Graphics?) starts to seem like a good idea.

Seriously, though, if I have to see those Smiling Canadian Skaters for one more nightly broadcast, I think I am going to scream and chuck something at the screen. On the other hand, I am sort of excited for the Ladies' Long Program Figure Skating tomorrow night. I feel like I am sort of friends with Michelle Kwan now. I know NBC wants me to feel that way. I am so easily manipulated by their scholtky five minute biographical packages right before they skate. Sigh...

In other news, Nanny is at long last out of the hospital. She has moved temporarily to a convalescence home, which is good, because she needs round the clock care from professionals, even though she is on the road to recovery. She has been somewhat discouraged by her frustrating stay in the hospital, and she was very unenthusiastic about doing physical therapy. I think she will work harder if she has the goal of getting home. However, she has to wear sweatpants and sneakers to therapy, which is a shock for her. Seriously, in all of her 84 years, she has never, ever, not a single day in her life, worn anything but dresses, pantyhose and dress shoes. I can't even imagine. So my mom and I have had fun shopping for her and taking different outfits to try on. So that's good news.

What else can I tell you so that some people :) who have access to the Internet all day long have something to do? Oh yes. Well, I have UNOFFICIALLY heard (it won't be official until I get The Letter) that I am going to be assigned for my internship to the bureau in ........ (drumroll, please).... Miami, Florida! Yup. Miami. Ya'll can sing me the "Benvenido a Miami" song. Lots of people have already. :) I am psyched, though. I'll have the opportunity to work with some really amazing Pulitizer Prize winning photographers (the Elian-Gonzalez-Being-Taken-Out-Of-The-Closet-At-Gunpoint guy, for one), and it's very busy bureau with lots of national news happening. Plus, finding a picture story really shouldn't be all that hard- I have tons of ideas that I am beginning to research. And I really, really, really, REALLY hope that this experience opens doors for me because if I have to come back here next fall, I think I am going to die.

Nah. I won't die. Especially if Kelly and Jason are both here, and we can all walk our dogs together and be like Scary Adults. :)

And this will really solidify my Spanish. I am practicing. I am reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish. It's pretty funny, actually. For you fans out there, Nearly Headless Nick is Nick Casi Decapitado, the Sorting Hat is Sombrero Seleccionador and the Fat Lady is Dama Gorda. I am actually picking up all kinds of details (to add to my already obsessive knowledge of Harry Potter Trivia) and clues about Harry's past, etc. because I am having to literally translate and think about each word. But I am having fun. :)

Well, I should go do some research for a picture story that I want to do in PA before I leave this spring, and you guys should go back to work. Have a bee-yoo-tif-ul day!

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