Monday, February 18, 2002

Hmmmm... Just got back from a Very Fun Weekend in New York. Stephen and I had a ball. I forget how extremely funny he is until I see him in person again. I love that we can spend an hour in a giant Toys R Us, (which by the way, held a parade to honor its grand opening, and Erika was hired to play Miss Spider in the parade which necessitated her wearing a giant spider costume, which I think I will regret not seeing until my dying day) play on the see-saw in Central Park, take in truly amazing theater (thanks to all who suggested Proof- it was really, really great-- I didn't want it to end! :), wander around the city aimlessly, go see a fabulous Artemisia and Orazio Gentilleschi exhibit and have an insightful conversation about it in which we both learn things, and have a good sense of humor about the fact that we are staying at the HoJo Express and have to wait in line (for a good five minutes) to check in behind a woman who is arguing with the desk clerk about wanting to rent a room by the hour. Hello, lady...What do YOU do for a living?

We also saw a really... er... interesting surrealism exhibit at the Met. There was one painting titled Bread by Magritte that quite literally looked like a pickle with a condom on it. Is it a loaf of bread? Is it a penis? Is it a pickle with a condom on it? Although, as Stephen put it, "Why choose?"

And we hung out with Luke, my fabulously talented friend from college also known as Best Boy Photo Friend, who appreciates the value of spending thousands of dollars on camera gear, and stopping whatever you're doing to take a black and white cityscape picture of Stephen in a trench coat walking through a flock of pigeons at a slow shutter speed. :) It was great to see him. There's something very comforting and poignant about not realizing how much you missed someone until you are with them again.

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