Monday, February 04, 2002

Bleeeh. Am ridiculous slug with zero energy. I go to the hospital, I come home, I knit, I make long distance phone calls. We got more bad news about Nanny. She has a psuedo anorhysm in her leg. I don;t know what the difference between an actual anorhysm and a pseudo one is. Perhaps the anorhysm is pretending to be a man when it's actually named Nellie Bly? :) That's a psuedonym. Har, har, I am funny.

The only good thing about this new diagnosis is that Nanny got moved to a private room. Which is good, because her old roommate was this very interesting Mennonite woman named Elizabeth who would have- I kid you not- 15 visitors at once, 7 of them children, and they would all stand around the bed and sing about being "washed from the Sin by the blood of the lamb." Huh. And then the kids would get antsy and start peeking under the curtain and stuff. Which is fine, I guess, but there were like 18 other annoying things that I won't bother to recount, like the Mennonite lady's husband opening the window like, a foot and a half in the beginning of February, etc, etc. But she's in her own room now, so that's good.

I really, really want you all to remind me that I had this Lazy Time when I am running around like a mad woman doing my internship this summer. The summer I was in Allentown I worked so hard for such long, ridiculous hours that it was all I could do to drag myself up my three-story walk up and microwave a bowl of Spaghettios before passing out while watching Seinfeld re-runs. I feel like I already wrote about this. Forgive me if I am repeating myself.

Well, I just don;t have much to say. Will write more soon.

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