Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We briefly interrupt this barrage of photos...

... to report that air traffic control has spotted the stork! Tanii's doctor estimated Baelin would arrive weighing 8 lbs or more, and that was over a week ago. Let's all send them thoughts of strength, endurance, courage and victory, shall we? It'll be like a feminst collective hum of vibey of maternity support, kinda TheOnion.com's description of Lilith Fair, ready?

mmmm (ow, I bet that hurts) MMMMMM (hope he has a wee tiny head) MMMMMMMMMM (just keep going) mmmmmMMMM (so proud) mmmm (can't wait to meet you, baby boy) mmmmmmm

EDITED LESS THAN AN HOUR TO SAY: Baelin is here! Mama and baby are both doing just great, labor lasted about 12 hours and he's 7 lbs, 2 oz (not the 9 lb baby that was predicted, but healthy and big and just perfect!) YAY!

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hefk said...

yaaayayaaaaayy baby!!
good job everyone!