Sunday, October 28, 2007

(Heart) Sickish

I feel like crap on toast in so many ways. The weather is crap. Big wedding on Friday. Feel physically beaten, as per usual. It POURED. Bride and Groom were rather lovely; Catering Manager was *this close* to getting the business end of a tripod stick up his nose. Home at 12:15 a.m.

4:30 a.m. Dog won't stop scratching the door of bathroom, seeking backstage pass to foster cat. Swollen glands, scratchy throat. Dog in crate, head throb with hate.

Joel woke me up early wearing cat lobster costume on his head for my train to D.C. for Gwen's post-birthday celebration and Jackie Chan's baptism. Dog protested overnight foster cat embargo by pooping in crate. We get cut off on 34th Street by frightening, frightening asshole in SUV. Joel narrowly prevents car accident with superb defensive driving skills. I narrowly prevent accident with superb bladder skills.

Construction on the West Side Highway + Rain + Every. Damn. Red. Light. = Train missed by 30 seconds. It wasn't a reserved train, and the info booth said the ticket was good for 365 days. Went to board train an hour later. Denied access because the ticket was "invalid." Argue with security guard. Threatened with arrest. Went to customer service. Ticket to be reissued. Missed second train. Fare + fee= $50 addition dollars. Arrival time 4:30 p.m. Weep. Make very difficult decision to cry uncle and cancel trip. Weep.

Hail cab. Cabbie wants to charge me $70 for 13-mile trip. Probably thinks I'm a tourist with bags and backpack. Go all New Yorker on cabbie, call out scam. Cabbie v. sketchy. Demand to be dropped off at commuter rail station in Harlem. Cabbie goes to 125th Street via 158th. Am very, very rude to cab driver. In typical New York reversal of "get more flies with honey" rule, cab driver respects rudeness, stops meter. Hate what this city has done to my manners.

125th Street Station. Have to pee. Bathrooms out of order.

Camera backpack zipper slips. Laptop falls out on platform. Damaged but working.

All trains express to Stamford. Wait. In the rain. Train comes, drops me off in Vount Mernon. Walk nine blocks home in rain. Arrive home soaked. Throat raw. Glands so swollen, deserve own zip code. Sleep like it's my job, trying to ward off illness.

Best Baby is getting baptized tomorrow, and I'm not going to be there.


shannon said...

thinking of you....

hefk said...

ugh. no good.
we missed you today but I'm glad you're safe and getting well at home. what a nasty nasty day you had on Saturday.
The baptism went beautifully. Here is a vicarious sensory note for you - b/c of chrism (which according to the interwebs contains myrrh, cinnamon and cassia) jackie chan's head smells totally, endearingly hippie. Grg and Liss can roll their eyes - I wore that joke out today.