Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ollie Found a Home

One of the vet techs who took care of our cuddly little guest when he was getting neutered yesterday is adopting Ollie. She seems nice, and certainly responsible and experienced with caring for animals, and she will give him a good home. He's with us until Friday because she had plans to go out of town on Wednesday and Thursday. She didn't want to bring him home and leave him by himself right away. He definitely likes her.

And yet... There's a warm little ragdoll slung over my wrist as I type, purring like a motorboat. It will be very, very hard to say goodbye to this little guy. That said, the three of them- Bella, Fred, and Ollie- are a handful. Fred has adapted very, very well. He's usually the wild card (Spend a week kicking over any and all carbonated beverages? Why not?) Bella, on the other hand, has been, well... a pain in the ass. She just doesn't leave Ollie alone. She follows him everywhere and gets right up in his face. He doesn't wave around his pointy claws, so she just keeps at it. She's been demonstrating all sorts of puppylike attention-seeking behavior, including but not limited to dancing around the dinner table, farting. Thanks, Bella. What are you, human?

Somehow a dog and a cat are relatively easy to clean up after- one litterbox, several walks a day, vacuum once a week. But two cats and a dog means vacuuming every day and dumping llitterboxes constantly in order to keep this place smelling like a home and not an animal shelter. So I know this is a good thing. He's vaccinated and fixed now, and his chances of living a long and healthy life are much better now that he's off the street. We had our first killing frost this morning. Ollie's safe and content.

And it's just a matter of time until the next stray turns up anyway.

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Jillian said...

Sweet Bella, being a pain? I can't believe such things!
I'm glad that Ollie has found a good home!