Monday, October 22, 2007

No Room at the Inn

My favorite, fantastic no-kill shelter is completely full. There's a four-week waiting list, so for the moment, we're fostering the most recent arrival to Angie's House of Suckers.

We're calling him Ollie. He is the snuggliest cat I've ever met. We're putting up Lost Cat posters, but he has no collar, no tags, no microchip and no way to determine if he's lost or homeless. He's a deeply committed purr-er, sproinging around and head-butting anything preventing you from giving him full-on ear/chin scratches and pats. My mom swears she could push her childhood cat Tabby around in a doll carriage and wear him around her neck like a fur stoll. I never really believed it until now. This cat is a total moosh. You can carry him around like a baby, drape him around your shoulders, anything. He got a bath, which he submitted to without a peep. He is the Anti-Fred.

So far, his accidental introduction to Bella and Fred wasn't exactly a failure. The dog's enthusiasm, in particular, was somewhat overwhelming to our cuddly little guest, and anyway, our eccentric dynamic duo is already a handful. Bella ate a bottle cap last Tuesday. She helpfully yurked it back out, saving us $3,000 we would have spent on obstruction-removal surgery, but turned into a Blast-Ended Skrewt all the same. $345 in vet bills, antibiotics and x-rays later, she is grounded and not allowed to have another cat.

Please. Wrack your brains. Is there anyone in the tri-state area who needs some unconditional love? Perhaps a living scarf to wear as the weather gets colder? I will drive him anywhere, do anything to find this cat a good home.


Alissa said...

oh my god, I WANT him! Look at him!

I can't have him, though.... it would send Pam to the hospital for sure. :(

shannon said...

I want him, but Ernie would divorce me. Gaby would be awfully happy, though.

Hope you find him a new home soon, before you get too attached.

gwen said...

I cannot have a cat. I cannot have a cat for like 4000 different reasons.

I really want the cat.

Repeating: I cannot have a cat. That may be exactly the kind of cat I want, but I cannot have it.

I am going to send out an email to everyone I know, though.

Michelle said...

I also sent out an email to everyone I know in the tri-state area...I will get back to you if I hear anything :)

Judy said...

I want Ollie! I have not met a cat like this since 1955! Your father says if we get this cat I will never see him b/c he won't be able to be around and he will be an Allerest junkie! Hmmmmm.....