Tuesday, July 11, 2006

To Whom It May Concern

Should you ever find yourself sitting next to my sister at a funeral, and she falls into ones of her involuntary, totally inappropriate but completely unstoppable laughing fits, do NOT pass her a note advising her to pull out a nose hair. While pulling out a nose hair may be an effective, instant tear-producing technique, the phrase "nose hair" makes her guffaw. For the record, she received an A+ from drama teacher P. Kautter in 1994, and is therefore able to effectively able to disguise a guffaw as a sob. That is all.

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cindy w said...

My sister did the same thing during Christmas Eve church service. Not quite as wildly inappropriate as it would have been in the middle of a funeral. But still, she was laughing so hard she was shaking and had tears streaming down her face. It was pretty awesome.