Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Aw, see, I went and put up a shiny, happy, aqua and pink template, and frankly, I am not feeling so shiny and happy right now. The family stuff, yeah, but also... I'm just in a rut.

Also? Finding a photo of any plus-size Barbie-like doll? Just about impossible. There is some seriously intense PhotoShop action going on to create the profile image over there, and I started with a "more realistic" Barbie-like doll in the first place. Anyway. I feel like I should bust out with something funny, but it ain't happening.


shannon said...

The funny will come when you feel better.
You want for me to bring you some hot fudge when we come in a few weeks? I'll put in an order with my Nana. :)

Judy Gaul said...

Angie--all is well. Hang in there and soon we'll be at Rehoboth together, looking in the shops, and I'll even get in the ocean water w/ you--no matter how cold it is! We can practice my snorkeling in the condo pool. Lots of good things ahead. Love you, Mom