Saturday, July 22, 2006

Let there be light! And air conditioning!

And a way to charge my cell phone! Praise be to King Jesus, power was restored late yesterday afternoon. I was so overcome with jubilation, I rolled around on the floor with a poisonous snake while speaking in tongues. I jest. I turned the AC up so high, Al Gore and a team of penguins knocked on the door and asked for some of their cold back.

Nah, seriously, I just surveyed the carnage in my refrigerator. A can of whomp biscuits (you know, those doughy circles imprisioned in a tube that pop open when you peel off the label and whomp them against the kitchen counter) had gotten so warm INSIDE MY DEAD FRIDGE that the dough started to rise and BURST OUT of the tube. Like, on its own accord. With the help of yeast, of course. Yowza. Scared of that.

Sing with me, "I'm Electric Avenue."

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shannon said...

Ooof. That is scary. But glad your power finally came back on!