Tuesday, July 18, 2006


It's 4:00 a.m. Can't sleep. It's too hot. I'm editing the photos Joel is sending from his trip via both email and snail mail. He's doing really great work out there. I miss him, and not just because he takes out the trash, does the dishes, and walks the dog late at night. You all can look at this here purty picture while I count some more sheep.

(Sheep #104 is excited to be getting the work. Apparently people drop off usually drop off around #30.)


shannon said...

Oooh, pretty.
Been meaning to e-mail you and tell you my Nana loved the pictures you guys took at Becky's wedding (the ones you sent us). She is the one who was married to the National Geographic photographer, and she says he'd have been impressed, too. :)

lauren said...

Okay, so I saw your friends on Bravo last night, and I kinda felt like the QE guys were mean to Eric. They constantly made fun of the things he cares about, and although Kyan apologized at the end, it still seemed kind of...not nice. I dunno. Also, the new clothes were AWFUL. I loved Tanii's reaction to them.