Monday, July 24, 2006

Any Day Now

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I went to Lancaster this weekend for Kristen and Adam's co-ed "We're going to be parents SOON" barbeque. You can see a slideshow of the photos here.


Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I only just now noticed that the cake says "Congratulalations" instead of "Congratulations."

Yes, CongratuLAlations, E. Bumblefuck Bakery. Well done.

lauren said...

That would never happen at Chez Bella Cakes!

Speaking of which, the next time you're in Boston, can I hire you to take some photos for my Chez Bella Cakes site?

cindy w said...

Ok, is it weird that the thought of having a baby shower in a few months makes me feel the warning signs of an impending anxiety attack? I just... gah. Please tell me I don't have to have one. I can't explain why, I just don't do well in those types of environments.

Seriously, I only had a bridal shower because I was bullied into it, and I turned it into more of an "ok, I'll open presents for 5 minutes. Now let's all go out and drink!" party.

"Congratulalations" is hilarious, though.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

You don't have to have one. See, I will say whatever you want, since you're busy growing a human, with like, eyelashes and a spinal chord and stuff. :) I don't know. I mean, as much as these photos show Kristen opening gifts and doing baby shower-type things, it really was more of a barbeque. I shot the present opening part, but it didn't last that long. Maybe 15 minutes? I had a few other showerish activities on hand just in case, which no one wanted to do, so we skipped them.The rest was just a cook-out.

The only other thing that was showery was that the paper plates had a pickles and ice cream design. We also had a small spread of the things the PG lady has been craving most. That was sort of a "cute" touch, although she was like, "Oh, man. Cheese fries? Bring it ON." Instead of eating a hot dog and potato salad, she ate the stuff she's been craving. It made her really happy, which was excellent.

Would you be up for a cook-out, with presents?

shannon said...

I had two baby showers and they were both fun, but neither involved games...I hate shower games. Instead, just a lot of good food, people I like and presents for Gabs.
My friend Becky (of Cool Aunt Becky's Wedding fame) couldn't make my shower, so she took me to a paint your own pottery place and we made mugs that are still in Gaby's room. I liked that much more than either of my showers, actually.

cnidy w said...

Seeing as how I'm due the first week in February, I think the cookout idea (or any outdoor-type activity) wouldn't really fly. I was thinking, though, that since Christmas is about 5-6 weeks before my due date, I might have some sort of Christmas party, and if people want to bring baby gifts, cool. And if not, that's fine too.

Honestly, I think between my compulsive shopping tendencies and the fact that this is going to be the first grandchild for both of our families, this kid is going to be hooked up with *plenty* of gear. A shower just seems extraneous.

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Oh, right. February. Heh. I should be congratuLAlated for that great idea. (Sorry. I'll stop.)