Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tim Gunn! Tim Gunn! If he calls your name, you're done!

Hellooo, Project Runway. How are you? I am so happy you're back on TV.

Yes, you are a reality show. No, I have no interest in fashion. AT All. Yes, I have to be at Pest Woint's Dedia May at Stupid O'Clock in the morning. But I can not turn you off. People are making "hats" out of baskets! And The Sternum!* It commands me to watch! I can't turn away!

*Please, please, get on Metro-North and come to my house. I will make you a sandwich. Please, God. I'm terrified for you.


cindy w said...

Oh oh oh!!! I freaked out over that Laura chick with her bony sternum and her big freakin' CHEST MOLES which she seems to think the world needs to see. And what exactly do you suppose her husband does for a living that she can live in New York, have 5 kids, take a few weeks off to do Project Runway, and still run around town with Louis Vuitton luggage? Buh-wha???

I also hate Malan with the passion of a thousand suns. I hate his phony British accent, I hate all of his little contrivances, I hate the way he talks down about everyone else, I hate the way his eye squinches up all Dr. Evil-style when he laughs. Seriously, I kept slapping Dave every time he came on the screen. He'll probably end up in the final three.

And? The coffee filter dress totally should've won. That is all.

lauren said...

I love Project Runway!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I am a total fashion whore and think that skinny Laura is beyond genius and totally covet her sense of style. Also her luggage. Also the name of her colorist. What can I say?

Malan and his fake accent must die.

I felt bad for the guy with the basket hat. Dude cashed in his 401K for this, so I hope he gets to stick around, at least for a little while.

Love the "ATL" guy with the coffee filter dress and the hilarious gay guy with the ugly pageant clothes and the Barbie guy who made the dolls talk.

Strangely creeped out by the guy who won last night. There is something not right about him, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I keep waiting for flames to shoot out of his eyes.

Oh, Tim Gunn. You are my one true love.

gwen said...

PROJECT RUNWAAAAAY! I too love this show, despite the fact that I have no meaningful connection to models or fashion or anything like that.

But I also have no connection, meaningful or otherwise, to cable in my own home -- so haven't seen the first episodes yet and I have to go to the gym to watch it. Somehow I have to figure out a way to be able to stay on an elliptical trainer, treadmill or bike for the full two hours, through the casting special and the first episodes, starting at 5 p.m. today. I can't wait to see the basket hat and the Dr. Evil guy and the Barbie dolls... beam me your energy vibes. ..

cindy w said...

Honest to God, I think the only reason why basket-hat guy didn't get cut last night was because the producers can sense that he's crazy, and they're waiting for the BIG meltdown because it'll make for better television.

Either that, or they feel sorry for his wife for sticking by him through the cashing out of his 401k to be on a reality show. Because seriously, that woman has gotta be a trooper. Or nuts.

The Harvard MBA chick's dress was not that bad. I think she got cut because she was boring. (Oh, and also because she can't sew.)