Thursday, September 01, 2005

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Meanwhile, Aide comes back with the birthday party goodie bag, pulls out a notepad and tells me she's going to draw a picture of me.

"You have a big heart in this picture because you love your cat!" she said. I suppose it *is* vaguely heart-shaped, but really? My heart is big, black splotch, and THAT is awesome. I hung it on my fridge. I might frame it.


shannon said...

That picture is awesome. And that little girl sounds very sweet.
(and Gaby reminds me of Dora, too. Right down to the yelling random words in Spanish)

Cindy W said...

HA! I love that you have a big black splotch for a heart. That whole story is great.

And the pic of Bella's eyes is very sweet.

kelly said...

I LOVE it! Someone I work with has a 3 year old daughter who IS Dora. I swear. If I had a picture I would show it to you as proof. Whee!