Friday, September 09, 2005

From a phone call the other night....

Gwen: OH MY G-D!
Me: I know.
Gwen: OH MY G-D.
Me: I'm terrified.
Gwen: Why is this scary? This isn't supposed to be scary.

Later in the same call...

Gwen: I'm glad you're happy.
Me: I'm glad *you're* happy.
Gwen: I'm glad we're both happy. When was the last time we were both happy at the same time?
Me: (deadpan) 1993.


kelly said...

I say to close your eyes, take a deep breath and jump. Good things do happen--now enjoy it!

shannon said...

Hooray for both of you being happy. :)

hefk said...

In honor of you both, I'm doing that little dance with the swinging around of the legs from the knee-down. Who made that up, Unkky? Kelly?

gwen said...

Not sure who made it up, but I can distinctly picture Jason doing it on the back lawn of his old house, I think during a graduation party.

Let's go get some twin dwarves and name them Happy and Scary. :)

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

I can distinctly picture Jason doing a silly dance that originated at percussion camp in the summer before my freshman year of high school, which would have been, coincidentally, 1993. Percussion camp was held in the auditorium of the junior high that year because of the asbestos removal at the high school. Jason did the dance while wearing Nick's black fedora sideways, singing "Frosted Lucky Charms... They're magically delicious!"

The dance *did* involve knee movements and happened at graduation parties. Is that what you mean, hefk?

Meanwhile, I will do the dance that we (hefk and I) made up after a football game to a Beatles song whose title is too scary to discuss in this context. It involved spinning, and it was really fun to watch you (hekf) do while wearing your white knee-high band majorette boots.

Hee. Boots.

Anonymous said...

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