Saturday, September 10, 2005

College Friends

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Professors describe you all as being in "lock-step for your major," and they match you assignment for assignment, class for class, photograph for photograph.

They become your surrogate family before they move on. They make you angry; they make you laugh. They let you down and lift you up. They hold you as you sob upon hearing the news that your father has been hospitalized and "it may have been a heart attack" and "I'm already fighting this-here suicidal depression and this is badbadbadbad." They leave all the kitchen cabinet doors open, and your hair in the drain drives them crazy.

After graduation, the letters become postcards, and the birthday gifts become Christmas cards and the long, wordy emails become text messages. Meeting for coffee and stopping by on New Year's Eve are all well and good, but sooner or later, the truth is... you've been apart longer than you were together.

And in the end, the friends who stood with you in the shadows of Stonehenge turn out to be the ones who outlast even the most promising of boyfriends, and there's no one better to say, "I remember who you were. I love who you're becoming, and you'll always be my friend."


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gwen said...

Wow, I've always wanted to learn how to buy and sell trailer! And on interest-free credit, no less. Yes!

I hear you on the college friends and the being apart longer than you've been together thing. I think about that a lot.