Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2002 be the year of inspiration, fulfillment and healing for us all! And remember, too- that in those times when we are feeling uninspired, sad, hurting, lost, confused, feeling like we made a wrong turn on our journies- we have each other.

By the grace of Goddess and the goodness of loved ones go I.... 2001 was such a difficult year. Last year, one year ago, I sat on Gwen's bed and sobbed, panicking about my future. And yet, I am still here, facing a new year with much anticipation. Last night, Manda and I burned our dayplanner calendars from 2001. (We also "sacrificed" a frozen chicken by stabbing it and making faces while wearing ceremonial "Happy New Year" hats- don't worry, being the resident photojournalist that I am, I took pictures! :) I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I wish for each of you a deep, refreshing breath to begin the New Year. I know some things are laying heavily on the hearts of a few people who read this page. I send you my strength, my love, and most of all, my deeply profound belief and faith in your inner strength to face your challenges.

Love and un abrazo fuerte to you all....

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