Sunday, December 30, 2001

OK. This will be fast as I am supposed to be driving to Boston to see the lovely boyfriend for New Years and as usual, I can't seem to get out the door. i had already written something, but then I accidentally closed the window which is supremely frustrating! Anyway, I wanted to post something since I have Blogger Guilt. :)

Happy New Year's to all! My 2002 be the year I find a job! (Sheesh... ANY TIME YOU'RE READY, FATE! JUST LET ME KNOW!) I will miss all of you in New York, Chicago and DC, but I will call your cell phones to wish you a Happy New Year! It has been wonderful seeing everyone over the holidays! :)

Perhaps the best gift of Christmas was Gwen's Fighting Amish Puppet, which was given to her by Alissa. It was a big hit at the Gaul celebration, especially with Larry, who said, "Oh my GAWD... Isn't that SOMETHING?" Little did I know as Alissa was searching for it online and going a little nutty trying to find a reputable place online to purchase one, Stephen was selling them all along in the magic shop. Go figure. Well, if anyone else needs a punching puppet (Apparently, they sell the fighting nun, devil, Amish guy and rabbi) you know where to go now. Stephen allegedly likes to make the nun fight with the devil in a battle of good and evil while he stands in the top hat. He works on Wednesday, and I CAN NOT WAIT to see him do his thing. :)

ALRIGHT. Really must be starting my 7.5 hour trip now. Love to you all! Have a safe and happy new year!

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