Thursday, December 13, 2001

I am sorry, I am sorry. I have certainly not been sounding my barbaric yawp lately, which is supremely unfair to Annie most of all, because she just got her blog up and running and then I don;t even have the decency to write interesting things on my site while she is still on her Blogger Honeymoon. Sigh... AND WHY DON"T ANYONE'S COMMENTS WORK!?!?!

The thing is, my life isn't terribly interesting right now. I go to IU substitute teacher training (tomorrow is the last day, thank goddess) which, frankly, sucks my butt. Then I frantically run errands for a little while before I go to work at Alissa's mom's shop where I "help" people (today I nearly had to give a woman $206 in change because I forgot to put a decimal point between the 2 and the 0), make gift baskets, run errands and run the thin blade of scissors over hundred of feet of curling ribbon, which is actually kind of fun. But it is working in retail over the holidays, and there are like, 500 "Saved by the Bell" episodes of how NOT FUN that can be (Do we all remember the episode where Zach put a $20 bill in the pay phone change slot for the homeless man/father of the girl he liked to find because it was Christmas? Feminist Angie just doesn't know where to begin with that one), but it's fine. Then I come home smelling like scented candles and potpourri and talk a lot on my cell phone to the people who generally read this site, except for Nick with whom I am playing Phone Tag and Scott, to whom I do not talk nearly enough.

Yup, that's about it. However, I did sign a contract to freelance with the AP, which is awesome and may lead to good things all around, AND they gave me my first assignment, which is a real, very cool assignment. The photo editor wants me to drive into Philly early next week, though, so he can critique the shoot, which is fine albeit nerve-wracking, but I figure the more face-to-face, open-to-criticism, eager-to-learn, and enthusiastic-about-this-opportunity time I put in, the better. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Today, when I called the subject of the story, I actually got to say, "Hi. I am a photojournalist with the Associated Press, and I am calling about a story...." RAH!!!

Jon Hughes is getting married, which is very, very strange for me. Stephen is coming down for the wedding, and I totally can not wait to see him. It's strange, not in a "I'm jealous, it should be me" way, but in a very "You are my first love and it's just plain weird" way. I can't explain it.

I am going to go wrap some Christmas presents. I will write more tomorrow.

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