Monday, December 17, 2001

Okay. All is well. The wedding photos do not suck. I am rather proud, to tell you the truth. Stephen did not get lost. He showed up with thirty minutes to spare and met the entire wedding party, including Jon, (and a bunch of Old School Band Friends from way back in the day- Mark Rohrbach, Geoff Boyer, Dave Trendler, etc.) while changing in the bathroom. I am assuming that Stephen was changing in a stall but to be honest I didn't ask for extensive details and given how weirded out I already was I do not want to know. That sentence is begging for commas. Anyway...

I find shooting weddings in general to be rather stressful. Everyone wants the lovely pictures, but they also want to get to the reception asfastashumanlypossible (How e.e. cummings of me) and it takes time to do it right. Everyone was patient at this wedding, but I still feel a bit under the gun about the whole affair. (This goes for all weddings) But anyway.... Heather, Jon's new wife, is a really lovely person, and she went out of her way to be really sweet to me, and invite me to hang out with the bridesmaids, etc. Her friends are a fun bunch, and it was really interesting to see Dave, Geoff and Mark again.

Seeing them opened up a floodgate of memories that I completely forgot about. Do you remember Super Band Rap?

I am going to have a "Sophia" a la Golden Girls moment.

Picture it: Landsivlle, 1993. Mark Rohrbach, wearing a backwards baseball cap and sunglasses leading that Black Knight Marching Band- not one person of color among us- in a "rap" that went "We are the band, the super band,/ We'll blow you right off the map./ We've got the moves,/ We're in the groove,/ doin' the Super Band Rap..." It was pathetic; I'm sorry, but it was. Now, Mark did not do or even mention Super Band Rap. He probably doesn't remember it. But when I was telling Kelly about seeing him, she suddenly remembered it and anyway, this seemed funnier when I was thinking about it before. Also, Jon and Geoff did the "Humpty Dance" at the reception. It was pretty funny. I had completely forgotten about that. They used to do it at like, Band Fun Night and the Halloween party. Anyone else remember? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It was nice to be an old friend's wedding and feel like they were doing the right thing. They are very obviously in love and right for each other, which is refreshing after going to the scary "train wreck/bad idea" wedding over the summer.

Anyway, the very best thing about the reception was being with Stephen. We mostly made fun of the Overtly Sexual Couple, (people we don't know) consisting of Inappropriate Dress Girl (I swear, it looked like she just wrapped a sparkly --spaaaahkly-- napkin around herself) and her Sultry Boyfriend. You know the couple. There's one at every wedding. They made out all over the dance floor, and mouthed the words to "Angel Eyes" to each other, and he danced with one arm around her with a hand on her butt, and one arm hanging down at his side like he was about to grab a gun out of a holster if anyone got too close to Inapppropriate Dress Girl. Stephen kept imitating Sultry Boyfriend and saying "I am.... El Hombre!" (You really have to hear/see him do it). Definitely a Pirates of Penzance Moment.

I get the feeling that this entry is not nearly as entertaining to anyone else but me. The upshot is, I was worried about nothing. As usual.

Which reminds me, I did my first AP assignment today. It went well. I spent a lot of time with the subjects. It was a really good story. I am going into the office in Philly for a critique on my shooting, which is nerve-wrecking, especially because I encountered some technical difficulties. But all in all, I did my best, and hopefully that will be recognized. I am worried about my critique, but- like I just said, I usually worry over nothing. However, I worked nonstop for eleven hours today (AP shooting and then some freelance stuff) and I am exhausted. Goin' to bed.

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