Saturday, December 01, 2001

Hello, all! This will be short as Jason is on his way here so that we can go electronics and puppy shopping, and here I sit in my pajamas. Last night we rented a movie and made s'mores in my fireplace even though it was 60 degrees outside. Yay, Jason! :) We watched Best in Show since Jason is in a very "Gonna Get a Dog" place right now. That movie cracks me up every time.

So... Since Stephen never reads this site, does anyone have any good suggestions for him for Christmas? I was thinking I would get him tickets to a show. Being the stage actor that he is, he doesn't like musicals of the Les Mis variety. I got him to go see the Lion King in London, arguing that Julie Taymor is a genius and that it was a whole new innovative step for theater with teh infusion of puppetry, etc. So New Yorkers, any good "serious" theater suggestions? Is there anything by Tom Stoppard on Broadway right now? I guess I could just go buy a NY Times, but I am open to your suggestions. It's hard thinking of good, creative, fun, romantic gifts for him. This is our fourth Christmas.

I have already given him all the pictures in frames, cologne, boxers type stuff that come with the first year of dating-- the books, CD-ROM games, toys and bizarre things that reflect his interests in the second and third years of dating-- and I have even done the surprise you with romantic trips to Bed and Breakfasts and expensive electronics thing. I was going to try and surprise him with something REALLY big (which I won't say here on the off chance that he is reading this), but I don't know if I can afford it... You see my quandary. I am sure now that I have shot down all of those previous ideas that you all are as stumped as I am. Oh, and past girlfriends have given him the exotic pet- an iguana named Sting- thing, so that's sort of out, too.

Right. Jason is on way. Must. Go. Put. On. Clothes. Shit! Doorbell Ringing.

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