Wednesday, November 28, 2001

okay, so Gwen fixed my comments and now the Snozzberry people say I have to reinstall it because they changed their site and I AM SO SICK OF THIS CRAP. Just a little venting for you folks out there, brought to you by our PMS Committee.

DON'T READ THIS NEXT PART IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE SUBJECT OF WOMEN'S HEALTHCARE!!! OKay? Jason, are you still reading? Well, stop until I say it's safe. Tomorrow I have to go to the "gynie" (as HEF coined the phrase... Remember when we were talking about the gynie in Greg Supple's basement and his stepfather walked in and he had obviously heard the whole thing? Yeah. That was embarrassing in a very funny way.) So not looking forward to that. Just a little reminder to do your monthly self-breast exams in solidarity, okay? :)


Working for Alissa's mom is very fun. I don't have to talk to customers or anything. I get to hang out in the stock room and tie ribbons on things and wrap presents for people and attach pretty cards to brown paper bags and turn them into gift bags and fluff artificial Christmas trees. It's actually very relaxing.

I am procrastinating. I have to go finish working on my CD-ROM Portfolio version 2.0. Almost done. Just have to print labels and burn CDs and stuff. I have done nothing but eat, sleep, work at Country N' More, and work on this CD for the last three days. Seriously, I worked harder on the CD in three days than I did all semester. It's new and improved, but it still has some quirks. Sigh....

Oh, and I also yelled at Alissa in German to work on her paper. :) MACH SCHNELL! ARBEIT MACH FREI!

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