Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Hello, all... Well, I am bored to death, this being my third official day as a freelancer, while I am not actually freelancing because I am waiting to hear about some job opportunities, and I don't want to put myself on freelancer lists if I have to take myself off almost immediately. Sigh... I hate waiting for the phone to ring.

I had a very fun time at championships with HEF this past weekend! Actually, I got more one-on-one Heather bonding trime than I think I have ever had in my life, which was great! (Thank you, HEF!) I was driving us home in the rural area north of Lititz at one in the morning with practically no gas at all. All of the gas stations were closed. We were actually going up to pumps, inserting the turned off hose, and squeezing whatever drops we could into the tank. Bad news, bear. It would have been fine, we would have called AAA, but it was still risky and stupid nonetheless. We saw a gas station that was still open just in time.

In the meantime, I have cleaned the house, read all of Harry Potter IV again, made a bunch of Christmas presents, wrapped almost all of my Christmas presents, done three loads of laundry, ironed a month's worth of clothing, written half a dozen letters, went to Root's with my parents, watched a LOT of television, faxed a resume and cover letter to a place where I am going to teach photography and made a bunch of long distance phone calls. My main goal for today is to install my new CD-burner on my computer.

I really should be working on my new CD-ROM portfolio. That's my goal for next week is to do a complete redesign. I have already gathered up the raw materials.

I AM SO BORED..... Please, please come visit me and entertain me!!! Can't wait to see everyone for Thanksgiving. :)

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