Sunday, November 25, 2001

Gwen is good! Gwen is great! She fixed my comments and the error message issues! I was totally hovering, impatient and mean while she fixed them, and she was nice about it even though she is very tired. :) Hooray for old friends who understand you. (Hey, Old Friends! Now you can comment on this page, and it won't be like sucky reblogger!) :) I smudged her with incense to thank her in the Goddess tradition.

I got the incense out of my sacred space, (a quasi-private meditation area that some of you have been in) which is now very clean. I had wax all over it, but I got this great candle wax remover stuff from Alissa's mom's store, and it really worked. I didn't think that it would, really, but it did. Also, I am going to work for Alissa's mom sometimes, which is very exciting. I am getting a very eclectic post-graduate work experience, what with the freelancing and the interning and the substitute teaching and the occasional retail/stock-type stuff. It will be fun when I am older to list all of my jobs, like SARK does.

Here is a partial list off the top of my head: babysitter, snack bar worker, dishwasher, short order cook, cashier, hostess, waitress, telemarketer, saleswoman, clerical staff, band bus captain, quartermaster (hey, I got paid to do those things-- work study in college), librarian, receptionist, image technician, photojournalist, pet and wedding photographer, substitute teacher and now temp stocker/craft store employee. Hmmm.... This life is amazing! I wonder what I will be in the next one.... :)

Also, today was the 50th birthday of the woman who can teach phonics while wiping noses, prosecute child abusers, waitress like nobody's business, read books with perfect voice inflections, knew how important it was to be the first parent in line to pick me up from kindergarten/CCD/Band Camp/Parents' Weekend, bake a delicious casserole and look gorgeous in 25 different shades of burgundy lipstick. Happy birthday, Mom!

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