Thursday, November 01, 2001

So today I took a much needed sick day, as I was having all sorts of feverish, nausea issues last night. I told myself I would do a bunch of things, including resting of course, that I have been putting off doing for a few weeks now. But the very first thing I wanted to do was wake up when my body told me to- which turned out to be at 3:00 this afternoon. I had some very strange dreams, too, which you may find interesting.

I am also working on a very fun new craft project where I have decided to paint a broom. I asked Alissa where I could buy one with a wooden handle, since this is the sort of thing that Alissa knows, and she was very bummed because apparently she had been planning on painting me a broom for Christmas. I almost wish Alissa was the one making the painted broom afterall, because she is very good at things like that. :) I never got around to broom-painting today.

By the way, the new Femail Creations catalogue (where the idea to paint brooms came from) is awesome, and in case anyone did not know what to get me for Christmas/Solstice, the beaded fruit basket, the incense bottles (especially the one with the Goddess on it), and the compass necklace that says "Search" on it, all rock my modern young adult world. :) They're way more expensive that anyone who reads this page can afford, so really I am saying this for the benefit of Random Wealthy Web Surfers who may wish to shower me with presents. For those of you who are not Random Wealthy Web Surfers, your friendship and love are priceless presents, and all I really need.

Although, a job would be nice. My internship is over at the end of next week, and then I am back to freelancing. I am also doing some training sessions to be a substitute teacher, which should be interesting. I am trying very hard not to be frustrated by the whole job-hunting-in-a-sucky-economy process.

Positive. I am staying focused on the positive.

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