Friday, November 09, 2001

Tomorrow I am going to Allentown with HEF to see Hempfield compete in band championships. I have not seen the band since I graduated. I am now old enough not to be considered one of those pathetic hangers-on, and besides, Heather's brother is the drum major.

On Band Fun Night 1995, Heather gave me her glow-in-the-dark triangle. It was great. When I did my last will and testament (which Mr. Powers threatened to disband my senior year) , I willed them to Lauren Groff, with instrauctions for her to pass them on. Then, I know they went to Liz Stacks, who willed one to Martha Fuchs and one to Amanda Kramer (Meg and Ben's sisters, respectively) with the instructions that they should pass them on. So I am curious to know... Are they still around? Will Martha will them on to the next Pit Grrl? I think maybe I will ask tomorrow.

That may, however, make me seem like a pathetic hanger-on.

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