Wednesday, November 21, 2001

My sister is here, tra la la. Annie is in town, and Nick is on his way, and Jason doesn't have to work, and I can have lunch with Alissa on Friday, and Gwen will be here soon! La la la! No more loneliness for the rest of the week!! :)

I sat outside today in the freezing cold for eight hours straight with half an hour for lunch. I also did that yesterday. It was unbelievably cold. I sat in my lawn chair. The highlight of my day was when Paul, one of my co-workers, brought me unbelievably delicious soup. It was the perfect temperature- not so hot that it burns your mouth, but definitely very hot. I was huddled next to this wall which was sort of out of the wind.

Had another fight with mom. Grrrrr.... Hate that.

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