Monday, January 28, 2002

Wow. Amazing, amazing weekend. For me, anyway. Thanks to all of you Succulent Wild Women with whom I shared it, including the Lovely Jo and Her Fabulous Boyfriend, who is decidedly uneligible to be a Succulent Wild Woman, but rather a Marvelous Man.

There was one overwhelming theme this weekend that arose in many, many, many different forms- radical self-acceptance! Thank you, Eve Ensler, et al. :) It was inspirational.

That said- You know, once my ex-boyfriend Stupid Mark (y'all remember- bad acne, aggressive driver, penchant for the overdramatic) sent me an email that invoked the image of someone running around a gasoline factory ( I know, I know- I *said* he was stupid) with a lit cigarette trying to stomp it out before something else exploded. I think I get it now.


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