Sunday, January 20, 2002

Hi all. Last Tuesday, I got this completely terrifying phone call that Nanny, my lovely, succulent wonderful 84-year-old grandmother, had collapsed at a restaurant. We thought she was having a heart attack. It was so unbelievably scary. She had her last confession and last rites, the sacrament Catholics get right before people think they are going to die. It was really touch and go there for a while.

But! We now have good news! She needs to have her aortic valve replaced- which is a complex and scary surgery, but there is a 95-97% chance that all will turn out well. The doctor is very optimistic. Nanny was upset for a while because she felt like even if she survived surgery that her life as she was living it- she was driving, holding a part-time job, going out to eat all the time, hanging around with her Funny, Eccentric (but Loving) Friends every day- was over. However, the doctor tells us that if all goes well with surgery that there is no reason to expect that she won't be "feeling better than she's felt in ten years" and driving again in 6 months or so. Which is amazing, but I think she's up for the challenge. She is one tough cookie, that's all I have to say. Thanks to all who have been sending good thoughts her way. It is very appreciated. :)

I went with Jason to pick up his puppy, and the dog is so unbelievably cute. He is like a little fuzzball (the dog, not Jason). Loki is completely and totally adorable. He licked my nose. It's so strange to be around a dog with no training, you know? I mean, Jason is certainly working on it, but he just got him so Loki doesn't even recognize his name. He's very well loved, and I can NOT WAIT for him to put on a few pounds so I can introduce him to Bella. PUPPY!

I hung out with Alissa and Gwen tonight. We walked to Ye Olde Sledding Hill. The really good hill was covered with obstacles, like very young but sturdy trees that have popped up in the 8 to 10 years since I was last there. The other hill was the same, and we had fun. There is something very satisfying, however, about going back to a Big Hill and finding that it is still Quite Good for Sledding. So many times, as we grow up, we find that our Big Hills were barely hills at all. It's lovely to find one that measures up to its memory.

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