Friday, January 11, 2002

Wow. I haven't written here in almost a whole week. I only thoguht it had been, like 2 days. Yikes! Sorry, Alissa (who noted the lack of blogging)! And others, of course, who miss my amusing accounts of my crazy life, I am sure.

So yesterday I was the Queen of Domesticity ("We have missed our opportunity..." I always think of the Pirates of Sweatpants when I hear the word "domesticity." Annie, you should apprecitate that sentiment even if no one else gets it.) ANYWAY, I cleaned the house, changed the sheets on all the beds in the house, did five loads of laundry, worked on creating innovative and colorful birhtday presents for four friends with birthdays in January (This month rivials October for the Month With Most Birthdays For Which I Wish to Buy Presents for Friends and Family) made a casserole, cooked soup from scratch, mopped the floor THREE times (Thanks to Miss Muddy Paws aka Bella), went on a long powerwalk with the dog, refolded all the sweaters in my closet, put clean dishes and laundry away. Whew! I t was very satisfying, but then I guess that explains why I somehow never got around to checking email or blogging yesterday. I might add that I did all of this while watching five hours (TVs on in different rooms) of Sappy Women's Programming on the Learning Channel, (which, really, should be called the Learning Compulsory Heterosexuality Channel). I justify doing this by telling myself I am watching these shows with the eye iof a social scientist, analyzing what it is that is so appealing about this lineup of shows all about conformist, idealized notions of femininity.

Of course, the day before, I didn't wake up until 1:30 p.m. Now that the "lance" side of "freelance" is becoming more lucrative, I am learning to really embrace the "free" side of it. :)

I am very proud of myself for doing what i think it a very good job on a story today about York's preparation/response to Very Scary Racist People coming to speak in the public library tomorrow, which, by the way, I am totally pysched for. Five racist groups and three anarchist protest groups are coming. Riot, anyone? I am a little nervous, as usual, that I will get tear-gassed or worse- One of the protest groups that's coming is infamous for throwing bags of urine at the media. Noboday pees on my new digital camera, except for me, damnit! Uh...NO. Anyway, the National Alliance (Neo-Nazis), the World Church of the Creator (Not a Christian Church- they are a "racial church" devoted to the worship of racial purity), the York County Chapter of the KKK, the Hammerskins (skinheads) and another group of skinheads are coming to speak in the public library. Charming, aren't they?

I talked with some kids today who were very angry and scared. They felt very possessive about "their" library and they couldn't understand why bad people were coming there. It was really touching.

I will, of course, be careful. Please don't mistake my excitement for recklessness. I feel very lucky that this is happening in York, where I know all the other media people. This will be my third time covering this sort of thing with these same photojournalists, and I know that we will all look out for each other . Plus, there is a police protected media area, which I fully intend to avail myself of. OK? No worrying about me!

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