Friday, July 20, 2007

We've Got Annie!

(FYI: I am going to go ahead and talk about wedding planning then. I trust that you will tell me when it gets excessive and that those of you who don't care will just... go read something else, I guess? And then come back later, I hope.)

So, they say that doctors make the worst patients. I definitely find it weird being on this side of the bride/vendor relationship, but one thing I'm not worried about is photography. Earlier this year, when I knew that marrying Joel wasn't just a possibility but a certainty, I was keeping my eye on my friends Lauri and Katie, who just started their own wedding photography business. They burst onto the scene with more natural raw talent and visual style than I have ever seen in "beginners." So I was all set to have them shoot the wedding, and Lauri got engaged. Yay! But the only available dates for their wedding was the same date Joel and I booked, and the week after. Boo!

So it was back to the drawing board. I contacted this amazing photographer, on whom I have a total photo crush, by the way. I was all giddy on the phone. It was like that time I met the actress who played Frenchy from Grease (who, by the way, was sitting next to me at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store last week. I channeled all my extreme dorkitude into frantically text messaging Gwen about it instead of freaking out and asking if she remembered me taking her picture and then blurting out that she could piece my ears with an ice cube or something.) After she left, the Apple Store employee who helped her and I had a girl screamfest moment about it.

So yeah. Anne Ruthmann is my wedding photographer! Rah! This is like having J. R. R. Tolkien edit your Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction, if he weren't, you know, dead. Speaking of serial fantasy novels, it's Harry Potter time! I'm shooting the big debut tonight, but I'm also working for the next three days. I plan to just not sleep, and also probably not blog. And then I'll try to back on a routine here. :)

Be good.

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Anne said...

I'm not sure how THIS post slipped through my blogroll - but I'm so glad that I'm going to be your wedding photographer!!! You are too adorable and I can't wait to meet Joel! In the meantime... I'll keep blogstalking and checking for wedding updates. ;-) I love blogs... they're the best thing since happy meals (sans trans fats).